Something to Spice Up

Chips Chilli $14.50

(Chips, capsicum in Nepalese spicy sauce)

Pani Puri $9.50

(hollowed semolina, smash potato, cumin tamarind water)

Bhatmas Sadheko $9.50

(Toasted soybean, ginger, garlic salsa)

Chatpat $10.95

(puffed rice salsa)

Chauchau Sadheko $10.95

(crunchy noodle salsa)

Bhatmas Sadheko $9.50

(Toasted soybean, ginger, garlic salsa)

Food is not just eating energy

It’s an experience.

Natural ingredients and testy food

Rice & Curries & Slow Pans

Rice and Vegan Curry $14.99

combination rice and curry set with the side of veggie curry, lentil, spinach, Sichuan&tomato pickle,…

Rice and Goat Curry $15.95

(*Goat may contain bones)

Puri Tarkari $14.50

(deep fried bread, Veg Curry)

Samosa Chaat $13.50

(Smashed Samosa, Chickpeas, yoghurt)

Samosa Tarkari $13.00

(Samosa, Veg Curry)

Explore our delicious dishes, made with the freshest ingredients to satisfy your cravings

Fried Rice & Chowmein

Mixed Chowmein $17.50

(Chicken/Lamb/Egg) *only 2 items

Chicken Chowmein $15.00

WOK tossed noodles packed with seasonal veggies and protein of your choice

Tender and flavorful meats that will leave you craving more

Something Meaty

Tasty Delicious

Buff Chilli $20.00

(Nepalese style buff, chicken, onion, capsicum in spicy sauce)

Newari Khaja Set $21.00

combination set of spicy marinated protein of your choice with side of lentil pancake, rice…

Vegan Choila $11.00

Vegan Choila(200gms) (*Choila authentically served cold)

Relax with soothing herbal infusions and hot beverages